Barbara's chateau story

A family of five generations have boutique winery, more than 100 years of history.For a long time, Barbara manor is northeast wine, is synonymous with good top Italian wine.All this;Comes from estate founder "" at the koala giovanni" is his decision in th

Prevent scurvy

Lime contains a large number of vitamin C, is to prevent scurvy.Once in the 18th century, British seamen scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C and has killed about 10000 people.Medical research department through research, found that vitamin C in lemon can treat scurvy, seafarers as long as the intake of a certain quantity of lemon juice, will not suffer from scurvy.From then on, the British authorities, sailors drink 1 cup of lemon juice every day, don't have foot ship lemon is allowed to set sail.

The treatment of kidney stones

Lemon juice are full of citrate, potassium citrate can inhibit calcium salt crystallization, to prevent kidney stones to form, even already became the stones can be dissolved away.So eat lemon can prevent kidney stones, reduce part of patients with chronic kidney calculi, smaller.

Snow beef

Snow beef namely fatty deposits between muscle fibers, forming obvious red, white and white, looks like the beef marbling, both at home and abroad are also referred to as of marbling beef, there are both in different parts of the cow.Snow more beef with its distribution, shape and density of meat as a hierarchical, but industry, there is no definite standard.

The story of the emperor crab

Cold arctic waters, almost not affected by environmental pollution, thus produce all kinds of seafood, king crab is the most famous of these.King crab and Alaskan king crab, because of its huge size.Origin in the north Pacific, the sea of okhotsk and the

The effect of lime

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Remove phlegm

Lime can remove phlegm, and stronger the remove phlegm efficacy than orange and orange.The lime juice with warm water and salt, drink can be the accumulation of phlegm cough up smoothly in the throat is very accurate.The start of a cold, might as well drink honey water with lime, can relieve the sore throat, reduce throat dry discomfort.

Bordeaux wine

The second world war;British and American forces invaded Italy.At a time;Giovanni in his own vine and gun killed two British soldiers are killed in Italy civilians, and I will be a minor celebrity in local he has been hailed as a hero.People are talking a

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