Barbara's chateau story
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A family of five generations have boutique winery, more than 100 years of history.For a long time, Barbara manor is northeast wine, is synonymous with good top Italian wine.All this;Comes from estate founder "" at the koala giovanni" is his decision in the small town of - luo LAN cable (SAN LORENZO) region to establish a good wine.In August 1914, the outbreak of the first world war, as the Allies of Italy also involved in the four years of war, during the war, living in the town of  loren's Italian youth "koala, giovanni" and was born in the same grape wine family girl 'Barbara, alisa' married;When he didn't enjoy to the bride's sweet and beautiful wife, go by the national recruitment to the front lines to participate in the war.Accompany her except elderly parents in the home is her belly child, once a day in the past, children also very smoothly was born, and in this way, his wife with a child living in a few years;Until one day there was a bad news from the front, beloved husband killed.Alisa grief, looking at are in a few years old son heart shattered, but she soon perk up, is no longer a husband, she can't collapse, because there are family and children, she must be the pillar of the family;As the economic burden of home is becoming more and more serious, the home aging parents don't have much experience to the vineyard, ai lisa decided to develop family wine market, she is work hard to learn, such as wine, two years have understood the whole brewing process, and this may be for since the childhood grew up in a wine family of nature, at the beginning of alisa affected by a lot of injustice, because of the wine is not so easy, to get others to agree with the quality of the wine red wine, she often organized some wine tasting, please local prestigious and some dealers customers to wine tasting in the town of his estate wine, through their own efforts and wine quality is very good, alisa slowly opened opened the local wine market, slowly emperor chateau in the local has good visibility and reputation."" at the koala giovanni" actually has not fallen, because at the time the war military mistakenly the news of him.After the war ended, the exhaustion of body and mind of giovanni returned to his hometown.When he went to the door, he immediately recognize his own wife, perhaps two couples empathy, his wife also used to look in the eyes deep feeling of looking at the front of giovanni, is this your husband?Hard choke yourself this is not a dream, already insupportable giovanni rushed up the two couples affectionate hug to each other together for a long time can't separate, had no answer at this time, stay in their heart is the love, is the care between each other.This is a happy story, giovanni looked at home is to do only have a vineyard, the in the mind feel is gratified and ashamed, family economic condition, though good, but his wife like a lot of gaunt a lot older, is not in the years of his wife is how much suffering, he felt in the heart a live up to live up to his wife and a family to do the responsibility of the father, he decided to put these years for wife owes to double compensation back, from his wife handed all the wine business, let his wife to accompany son, he is ready to expand the family vineyard, expanding production and market, he want to do big things for home live better.This can make up for years of kui sorry to his wife.According to the situation of wine in short supply during the period of world war I, he saw a huge business opportunities.With good business sense and superhuman courage, low-priced acquisition of the small town almost most of the grape growing area, plus the family original reached 75 hectares of vineyard;The whole area of vineyard belonging to the Mediterranean climate, sea dials between 260 meters to 350 meters, solid soil, gravel, advantageous natural environment and giovanni ambitions to open the wine of his career.From famous alba wine when I was young

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