The treatment of kidney stones
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Remove phlegm

Lime can remove phlegm, and stronger the remove phlegm efficacy than orange and orange.The lime juice with warm water and salt, drink can be the accumulation of phlegm cough up smoothly in the throat is very accurate.The start of a cold, might as well drink honey water with lime, can relieve the sore throat, reduce throat dry discomfort.
Calcium supplements

Lemon peel and rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the ideal effect, it is better to peel juice most nutritious.
Treatment of rheumatism

Lime juice also has good curative effect for rheumatism.
Prevent scurvy

Lime contains a large number of vitamin C, is to prevent scurvy.Once in the 18th century, British seamen scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C and has killed about 10000 people.Medical research department through research, found that vitamin C in lemon can treat scurvy, seafarers as long as the intake of a certain quantity of lemon juice, will not suffer from scurvy.From then on, the British authorities, sailors drink 1 cup of lemon juice every day, don't have foot ship lemon is allowed to set sail.
AIDS prevention

Lime juice may will become the world's scientists painstakingly for AIDS killer.
Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the university of Melbourne, the royal women's hospital Roger short in the study found that lemon juice can kill HIV in the test tube, for the women hope to prevent HIV infection."If clinical trials show that lemon juice is suitable in the vagina, safe and effective, so it may become a kind of natural fungicides."In laboratory tests, short found concentration 10% of lemon solution to reduce HIV replication by two-thirds, while 20% of the solution will be 90% of the virus killed, again big concentration of solution is showed signs of toxic.Although this is a very promising results, but further study is still quite difficult.
Pregnancy anti-nausea

Pregnant women can put some lime on the bed and get up in the morning a sniff and eliminate the effects of morning sickness.
Disease of department of gynaecology

Studies have pointed out that lemon has improved anteversion, uterine ligament sagging even amenorrhoea curative effect.

According to The Times of health, one day, Ms. Xu 5 year old son, had a high fever, temperature nearly 40 ℃.The feeling be nasty under adopted lemon hot compress socks.Lemon juice, heating, a pair of honor to wear socks soaked in lemon juice, take out the micro air, after the child's foot rub heat, to wear in the child's feet, wear the higher the better, then feet wrapped in a blanket and thermal insulation.Cotton socks cold, take off, every one or two hours to do one more time.1 ℃ temperature dropped to 20 minutes, apply the second 30-40 minutes, slowly down the body temperature.If there is no lemon vinegar can instead of.
To lose weight

Lemon contains material, after reasonable allocate, or very effective weight loss substance.Allows you to enjoy the delicious lemon at the same time, let you become a beauty and stature and inertia of outstanding woman.
Eliminate constipation

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, is urging the defecate catalyst, in the morning hollow drink homemade lemonade, can solve constipation.

Lemon citrate, can split a subcutaneous accumulation of pigment particles, strengthen the vitality and vascular resistance.

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