Snow beef
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Snow beef namely fatty deposits between muscle fibers, forming obvious red, white and white, looks like the beef marbling, both at home and abroad are also referred to as of marbling beef, there are both in different parts of the cow.Snow more beef with its distribution, shape and density of meat as a hierarchical, but industry, there is no definite standard.
Snow beef contains a lot of essential fatty acids, with beef fat content increased, the cholesterol down instead, nutritional value is higher than the average beef a lot.
The standard of project work, by the China association of beef cattle production in the industry enterprise in animal husbandry.The relevant person in charge of China animal husbandry association industry branch, said the industry commonly used beef grading standards, are now applying for snow beef grading standard, a move aimed at protecting domestic brand quality beef."In 2012 or the prophase preparatory work, standards, quality of beef for cheap, quality beef prices are low, guide the benign development of the industry.

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