Bordeaux wine
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The second world war;British and American forces invaded Italy.At a time;Giovanni in his own vine and gun killed two British soldiers are killed in Italy civilians, and I will be a minor celebrity in local he has been hailed as a hero.People are talking about a vineyard owner which come of courage;Actually know him know when a soldier fought giovanni would have is a hero;Local newspapers ed with him and on-site interview;And just being in the North-East, then the Italian army commander in chief "gamla ziani" personally visited;Mulberry Mr. Preuss in his estate produced wine vintage wine to entertain the guests, commander in chief of the wine;Him the day he was drunk.Wake up the commander-in-chief of the humorously said to giovanni "estate wine drink last night, didn't you? Can I still take a few box back?" can get happy commander in chief in favor of it.With mellow taste soft, administrative levels feeling and clear with chocolate and cherry-like aromas, in after the popularity of its rising, initially only in local sales of wine, then extended to the whole region.Especially with a blend of the quite, Merlot and main wine, rich, elegant, complex and stereo like, many oenophiles gave high evaluation and recommend.The year is 1964, "" at the koala giovanni" and his wife, married the 40th anniversary of the day, is also a day to honor the giovanni in honor of this great festival, said accurate point is for the sake of his wife over the years for this home pay a new specially created a new brand, the name of the manor estate named Barbara.In fact, he already had long wanted to good, Barbara, is his wife's surname, he knew his wife suffer a lot of things, he let everyone in the family can remember the name, the name is not just a name, he represents is a kind of responsibility is a kind of love in it.And use their understanding of the wine of chateau specially designed the label;"BARATE" chateau was born;Excited giovanni please the town on the day of all the people to drink his manor wine: "Barbara" at this time is not a name;He in the whole region more precisely, a fine wine."In the coming days, the koala, giovanni" and his wife with love runs his own winery, they manor, she is my child to heavy armor, cultivation, a famous Italian wine brands.Up to now;Is Barbara's fifth generation of famous rulers inherited the family estate, the retained on the basis of traditional brewing, fathers are continuously the introduction of modern high-tech technology innovation, to make their products both retained the Italian pure taste, and has the advanced science and technology to provide reliable guarantee;At the same time, they abide by the wine is the most important is the pursuit of value, rather than high prices, adhere to the good wine.In inherit family passion at the same time, also truly reflects the pragmatic spirit and philosophy, unremitting deducing the wine history of quality and value.

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